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For a book set in the USA, this was very British which was a little confusing on occasions.

The plot of this book initially attracted my attention, especially because the dress that divided many was the focus of this book.

This has been an interesting read and my first by this author. I have to admit this was not my usual preferred genre; although I was extremely curious about this book.

It is definitely a good read and will capture your attention throughout. I am happy to be a part of this blog tour for this book. I would recommend it.

~ Little Miss Book Lover ’87

Something happened not too long ago, a news event if you will, that divided folks pretty much in two. You’ll almost certainly remember it and if you do, you will have definitely chosen your side. I say “chosen” but you didn’t really have much choice – which camp you fell into very much depended on your own personal circumstances, how you see the world. And once you declared your allegiance, you couldn’t understand how those around you, some very close, could not see things the way you did. No matter how much you argued, how much you told others that they were wrong, they could not be persuaded to change their view.

No, I’m not talking about Brexit. Nor am I talking about Donald Trump. I’m not even talking about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I am, of course, talking about “The Dress“. Was it White with Gold stripes? Or was it Blue with Black stripes? We all had an opinion, and we all saw one or the other, and until the science of it was explained, we could not understand how anyone saw it differently.

It’s this debate which becomes the basis for Segun Starchild’s science fiction adventure. A rather strange set-up? Perhaps.

University student Laura first notices there’s something odd when she tells her boyfriend Dave about a white and gold dress they saw while out shopping. Dave, of course, has no idea what she’s talking about because all he saw was a blue and black one. So far, so-every-second-conversation-you-had-in-February-2015, and then things get weird. You see, the dress itself is not all that important, but the colourful debate reveals that humankind is on the verge of a huge change and those who see White & Gold are in the process of taking that next step up the evolutionary ladder. But those who see Blue & Black, the ‘normal’ people are, to all intents and purposes, about to become obsolete. And some Blue and Black people see the emergence of the superpowered ‘Goldies’ as a massive threat to their very existence.

What begins as a comic drama about the love lives of two college roommates veers wildly into a much more mystical and frightening superhero adventure. If you think Clueless meets X-Men by way of The Hunger Games, you wouldn’t be a million miles away!

On the surface, it’s a fun fantasy romp, and if you read it as such you will enjoy following the adventures of White & Gold Laura, her Black & Blue best friend (and ‘Goldie’ ally) Angie and the various friends and enemies they make along the way. But if you dig a tiny bit deeper you’ll find there’s plenty of food for thought as The White & Gold People makes serious points about prejudice against minorities and acceptance of those with different views to our own, as well as delving into some deeper mystical and philosophical ideas about what it means to be human.

The White & Gold People is the first part in a planned series, with the sequel due out in March next year and while TWAGP works fine on its own, it sets up that follow up with an intriguing cliffhanger which left me wanting to know where the Goldies go next.

Oh, and way back in 2015 I saw White & Gold, so… well, just saying…

~ World Geekly News

What an original idea to start an urban fantasy, sci-fi book !

I loved the way this books begins. At the internet a dress is posted and some people did see this one as blue and black and the other as white and gold.

This post was actually in reality put online in 2015 and from that point of view and all the reactions on that item, the author has written a great and entertaining book.

Of course the effect on the two groups is different. Soon it shows that the Goldies are on an human evolution, like the homo sapiens in history, and have developed superpowers. Yes, think of movies like The X-men, were different is not trusted and just as there in this story scary things happen. When the president got assassinated they want to quarantaine all the Goldies. The government has strange ideas, some people are afraid or crazy and a war begins. After the change nothing on the planet will ever by the same again. The dress was not a cause, it was a marker for the teams and by this starts a well- written urban fantasy novel.

Laura, a Goldie is not willing to be a labrat and is going to take stand against all enemies in a special organization. Her friend Angie will always be at her side and with other special people they will try to start afresh after the battle.

The characters are strong and all personalities were developing and are intriguing. In the beginning, it was hard to believe in people who have different partners but in fact this is not strange in a world where polyamorie is not uncommon.

This is a great story if you, just like me, love unexpected twists and different stories.
I love to read more books of this promising author.

~ Fany goes English

First of all, as soon as I read the synopsis of this novel I got a big smile on my face, because I could remember of the even that divided the world, all thanks to a particular (white-gold/black-blue) dress. I was one of those that saw it as white and gold, no idea about you guys, but message me about it. Anyway, when I saw that this was a story inspire about that event, I thought it was funny and interesting and I really wanted to know how the author was going to explain what happened in terms of the fantasy and fiction elements that he was incorporating in this alternative world and time line.

Since I was one of those that saw the white and gold, I felt even more invested in the story as I uncover the secrets and follow the White and Gold People in this storyline. It was quite a brilliant idea from the author and I was intrigued from page one.

We met plenty of characters that are very refreshing and interesting, and the subject that are talked about, besides the superpowers and the government action and the way society views those that are different that the ‘normality’, made me think. There was a sense of freedom for me when reading this book and thinking about the Goldies.

One thing I enjoyed was the portrait of relationships and the interactions between Goldies and Blueys. I quite liked seeing the cultural change and the way people deal with events and try to follow a new path after something major happen. It talks about a lot of things that are part of being human, our feelings (love, hate, fear, insecurities, …), our responsibilities, our freedom, our safety… Yes, there are sex scenes, there are battle scenes… That’s also part of our present and our reality, it has always been a part of us, why wouldn’t it make an appearance in this story?

Overall, I love the concept of the story and the thought provoking aspects in it, as well as the pace that may have started slow but kept climbing, never letting go of my mind, and by grabbing my attention it allows me to enjoy each page and each unexpected scene in a very enjoyable and fun way, that made me feel as if I was part of the plot as a character instead of just a outsider looking in.

One thought that this book left me with was: Maybe I should own my Goldie side and enjoy life. Are you a Goldie or a Bluey?

Do I recommend this novel? If you like Urban fantasies, and are intrigued about the all dress craziness, as well as want to see where the author took that idea… then I recommend it, but be open minded, be curious and get ready.

~ Jess Bookish Life

Well, I’m part of the blue and black group! I remember when this debate was on Facebook, so when this book came up for review, I was naturally curious about it. Segun Starchild turned this debate into a pretty fascinating fantasy novel with an entertaining plot.

I really enjoyed this plot. When one group gains supernatural abilities, it’s interesting to watch how people react. It’s a really great commentary on how people react to people who are different. I found the writing really compelling and the pacing was great. This was an easy read that kept me entertained all the way through.

I’m looking forward to reading more from Segun Starchild. This was a great story and I definitely recommend it. Which group are you in?

~ Jessica Belmont

This book has it’s origins in the facebook trend from a couple of years ago where people looked at a dress and saw it in different colours. From here Segun has written a brilliant sci fi book about the differences between people amd how they have evolved differently.

The book then goes to the extreme that people who saw gold and white have special powers and a war is coming between the two factions.

The book is really well written and kept me engaged throughout.

~ Black Books Blog

Before I get into today’s review, I’d like to thank the author, Segun Starchild, and Rachel from Random Resources, for the opportunity to read The White & Gold People in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own, but if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch.

Written in 3rd person present tense, the novel explores a fantastical outcome to the internet phenomenon surrounding the white and gold/black and blue dress. In real life, a woman snapped a washed out, weirdly lit picture of a dress, making the black and blue dress appear white and gold, or bronze, to certain people. Much like other viral sensory debates, the dress was everywhere – and many shops even began releasing their own copies of each option, to buy into the fascination. This novel takes that reality and twists it into what if those white and gold seers were psychically more evolved, and upon seeing the dress, their powers awakened, allowing them to have visions, see other places as if they were a CCTV camera, etc. There was a Bird Box feeling here, as well as a classic 00s predominately teenage starring show feeling, and with the inclusion of social media, the dress, etc, the book overall had a nostalgic feeling for me. The dress wasn’t that long ago, but these flash in the pan phenomenon come and go so rapidly, they feel old very fast. I honestly have no idea how this blip in media fascination created this book, but truthfully? What an imaginative, original concept. I enjoyed it, and while it’s not without issue for me, I cannot fault the creative aspect here.

Before I get into my dislikes, let’s start with things I liked about this novel. I enjoyed the premise, as I’ve said, and I enjoyed the pacing. I mentioned Bird Box, and while the two aren’t the same, there’s that rapid decent into change that the two books share. Day one, everything’s fine, day two half the population are see something the rest can’t. That’s where the similarities end, but I like that fast punch to the gut that delivery gives. I also like how mentally young and dumb the characters are. They’re college students who are a little self-absorbed, a little naïve, irrational, and think they have all the answers. It’s obvious main characters of this age group will be the ones who save the world, and the characters in this are very true to their age and the plot. I don’t like Laura very much, and I’m not sure I could say any character is my favorite, but they’re true to their age, which I like. Something else I thought worked well, was the use of news reports. In the start, every chapter has a cut to the news, where background information is rapidly delivered, and this efficiently delivered world building. I like this style. It was ballsy, as it’s telling and not showing, which in this regard worked, in others, didn’t, but again, it threw me back to even things like Shaun of the Dead, where the news reporter played a major role in world building.

So, what wasn’t I a fan of? I’m sure you can guess the first point. Present tense. I don’t enjoy it unless it’s done very, very carefully, and I think this would have benefited from being past tense. Some wording wasn’t fluid for me because of the tense, and overall, I’m generally just not a fan. If you are, then you might find the total opposite, and love this, as it’s consistent, coherent, and has been edited well to be fluent. I’m just not a fan, so couldn’t get along with it. I also, going back to the characters, wish I’d found at least one character to relate to. That’s a me thing, but I feel there wasn’t much work done to make them relatable. We were told a lot, not shown, as I mentioned earlier, which didn’t work for me here, and hindered the characters rather than helped in my opinion. If you’re a plot led reader, who feels people spend way too much time obsessing over characters vs the bigger picture, this could be a total win for you. I’m character led, as you know, so from page one was at a disadvantage.

Overall, however, this is well developed, curiously based, and features everything I expect from sci fi. I read it, despite it being present tense, because it’s fascinating, and quite contently at that. If you enjoy great sci fi, I’d definitely give this a read.

~ Radzy Writes & Reviews


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