What the colours of the dress you saw, reveal about your personality?

Remember #thedress …….. ? how could you not!!! It went viral, it divided the planet, it made us laugh, cry and nearly rip each others heads off. Something this monumental couldn’t stay buried forever …… could it?

Well now it seems there is a new twist in this saga. Get ready ………..

If you saw the dress in Blue & Black ….

You are a normal, taxpaying, living eating and breathing individual. You have a normal job, a normal or possibly even great car, a normal life, may do the slight erratic or crazy thing from time to time (you are human after all…) but all in all, you fit into the higher percentile 85% of the population. (Bluey)

If you saw the dress in White & Gold ….

If you are a white and gold person, (Goldie) you are far from normal. You are gifted. You have the gift of foresight, of love, (and hate) the ability to see past reality, into another dimension, you can see what’s there even if no one else can, (a white and gold dress for example), you feel that spark in the pit of your stomach that tells you that you are here for something great, that spark that sets you apart from the rest, you lie in bed at night dreaming of what you can become but scared of how far you can go.

You are blessed with a formiddable anount of energy to see you achieve your goals, a vast array of talents and the gift of foresight to always imagine new things and create what no one else has done.

You may have shown traces of this uniqueness before and forgot or even tried to awaken it but you didn’t have the right master to guide you to your destined path. But alas, the time has come up for you to become who you were truly meant to be. A RULER!

The White & Gold People (WAGP) are humanities newest species homo pas horáō’ (all seeing man), setting themselves far apart from the rest, a blessing only bestowed to 15% of the population.

They were known in the older species of homo sapiens as entrepreneurs, shamans, trailblazers, mavericks. But this new breed of people are a cut above the rest.

They can often be seen in the park doing yoga naked, stargazing, having lots of sex, meditating, and helping others. They love to socialise, are always working on their gift and trying to realise their powers, and in the midst of it all they are always having lots and lots of fun. They are peaceful, caring and humble people, though they are nice (well most of them) like all living beings they do practice self-preservation so if you find yourself on the wrong side of them may heaven help you. What powers you may ask? That’s for another day my friend!

If this sounds like you or you know someone who fits their description then they are a WAGP. You owe to it to yourself to seek out other Goldies. They can show you how to use and control your powers, they can help you, but most importantly they can understand you. WARNING! Act now and get yourself into small to medium groups because you are a threat and what you can do, how you think, everything about you is the most mind blowing and sought after commodity on this planet. There isn’t much time left before they come for you and you will need each other to make it out alive. If this sounds like you then your true potential is revealed in these 420 pages. 

One last thing, if you saw the colour of the dress in blue and brown…… I don’t have anything to say for you, other than YOU NEED HELP!

Find out the fate of the Goldies and experience a captivating end to the dress debate only in the WAGP. Out now in all available formats by Segun Starchild.