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Segun Starchild is a writer whose previous works include ‘Black Egyptians’, ‘The Capability Test’ & ‘Kamun vs. Leviathan’. He is a self confessed seeker of ‘The Truth’ and has a great hunger to know the mysteries of life. He has studied the esoteric mysteries of great sages to gain a reputable amount of wisdom and has the blessing of taking a journey through life with confidence and true knowledge of self and kind. He hails from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria and is for the unification of the African continent. Segun currently lives in London, working in IT Development and Support and the director of Akasha Publishing Ltd.

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Black Egyptians sets out to prove once and for all that Black Africans started and inhabited the Ancient Egyptian civilization. This is the book to finally solve the Ancient Egyptian race controversy. Drawing on a wealth of sources including Nuwaupu, genetics and archaeology, the author combines conventional and unconventional Egyptology together to form a unique record of Egyptian history and set the stage for Black Africans to unite under one common creed.

Black Egyptians
Kamun book


An evil sea monster Leviathan and 6 reptilians are scheduled to visit the Earth in one year and begin a reign of terror. They plan to cast an evil spell on humanity turning them into mind controlled zombies to use them as slaves and for genetic experiments. This is dreamt by a young boy Kamun and confirmed by Yaanuwn, one of the 24 elders assigned to protect the Earth from evil. Yaanuwn appears to Kamun and 6 other star children revealing their direct lineage to a group of ancient aliens called the Neteru. Their mission is to journey to the planet Nibiru to learn the secrets of the universe then come back to the Earth to defend the Earth from evil. Can the future of the Earth be saved by Kamun and the star children? Find out only in Kamun vs. Leviathan!



A messenger from a group of angels known as ascended beings appears on TV and presents humanity with a test. The Capability Test will determine who has the mental attributes to enter a new kingdom on Earth. There are 2 options. Deny existence of God and go to Zion; a paradise. Or confess belief in God and go to Sheol; a city in Hell.

The Capability Test Book Cover


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